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Havteq is the best custom software development company in india. Custom software development is the way to complete your business needs like designing, building, upgrading software and achieve objectives of your specific business. Havteq is best Custom software development company that can help you to solve complex business software challenges with affordable and reliable digital solutions. Custom software development is the process of creating software to meet specific user requirements. It's tailored to fit the customer's unique needs and offers advantages over off-the-shelf software. With custom development, organizations can create reliable and user-friendly software that has all the features they need. It's also more secure, since it's tailored to the organization's specific needs and not shared with anyone else. Custom software is also better suited for integration with existing systems and data, providing seamless integration and eliminating the need for manual data entry. In addition, custom software may provide a more cost-effective solution than off-the-shelf software, since the customer only pays for the features they need.

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Who We Are ?

We are notable for our co-ordination between the customers and the development team. We are offering the best custom software development solutions that are friendly with your business desires. We provide the most effective solution and don't compromise on the standard of our deliverables.
HavTeq has built world's best products in different areas Enterprise Resource Planning, Visitor Management System, Payroll, Travel Web Portal, Hotel and Restaurant software solution, Website Security Solution, Chatbot etc. We offer the best long-term value with best quality, and on-time to all our clients.

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We provide the most effective custom software development solution and don't compromise on the standard of our deliverables. We are the best custom software development company

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Our team of developers and industry consultants optimize the Best custom software development and delivery cycle, thereby serving to customers appreciate bigger effectivity and cost savings. We've established skill set for software application progress.

All the Control in your hand

Software Panel login would be provided so that you can check what is going on and also you can take necessary action at your end.

We increase your productivity

We increase the productivity of custmores globally by taking over processes where we have the expertise, so our custmores can focus on their areas of excellence.

Cost Effective Solution

You do not have to worry about having to negotiate terms of contract. We offer packages at affordable prices.

Havteq is the best custom software development company because they provide a comprehensive range of services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers who are committed to producing innovative, user-friendly and cost-effective software solutions. The team of experienced software developers have years of experience building robust, user-friendly software solutions that meet the client's exact requirements. The customer service team is also top-notch, providing quick and friendly technical support and trouble-shooting any issues that might arise. With Havteq, you know you are in good hands and getting the best custom software development services available. They utilize the latest technologies to develop highly scalable and secure applications that are able to address the ever-changing business requirements of their clients. Their services also include software maintenance, mobile app development and web design. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of support services, such as training and troubleshooting, which helps their clients get the most out of their software. With Havteq, clients can trust that they will receive a quality solution that meets all their needs. So If you want to know more about custom software development then let us know. We at havteq is the best custom software development company in India.






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A payroll management system is a software program - that permits your business to handle all of your employee’s monetary records during a hassle-free, automated fashion. This includes employee’s salaries, bonuses, deductions, net pay, and generation of pay-slips for a specific period.

As you'd have already realized, your business activities square measure primarily divided into 2 broad categories: the macro and therefore the small.

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Visitor Management System

The visitor management system is the best option in now a day because it allows us to track visitor registration. New visitors needs to enlist with all important details and returning visitors van use express enrollment by giving just a phone no or email address leaving most of the enlistment methodology aside. it makes higher the visitor experience. Being exact and verify, it eviction of paperwork.
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Software development company, custom software development, Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are generally used by small to large business. Excluding managing the business operations, Enterprise Resource Planning system provides provides valuable data for deciding. ERP systems became an integral a part of the business that is just indivisible.
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A Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can recreate a conversation ( or a chat) with a client in natural language through messaging applications, mobile apps, websites. Chatbot just speaks to the common development of a Question Answering framework utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP).
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Travel web portal, travel portal,software development services,custom software development services


It is always a goal of travel agencies to increase their profits and boost customer service. Our travel web portal greatly helps travel agencies to do so. It is a cost-efficient, quick and correct online booking engin. Benefit of this facility is to get instant purchase of services, auto-general email confirmation and availability check. CRM, accounting and booking tasks of back office will function in a better way with this software through a central reservation system.
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Hotel management software, restaurant software solution,software development services


With HavDesk - Hotel booking software, you can change your business into digital business. HavDesk helps you to create the digital platform which fullfill all your hotel and restaurant services requirements. It helps to increase your business through fast operations and management. It saves time of the customers as well as yours. It reduces the human efforts for the repetitive tasks.
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Need help with a hacked website? Our Layered Website Security System giving you a security automation platform that delivers comprehensive visibility, protection, and continuous compliance monitoring to reduce cyber security risks. Unlike other solutions that provide limited coverage, we'll give best website security solution. Get Best Website Security Features and you'll never need anyone else
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