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Fees Management System

A fees management system, often known as software, is a programme that allows you to digitally handle your school fees and anything else associated with them. It streamlines the fee collection and structurization procedure. Setting fees structure, setting student fees, fees transaction report, paid fees report, due fees reports and many other functions are available.
The software estimates the total fees of any students after the administrator sets up the price structure. It allows you to keep track of due and paid payments so that you may send a message to parents reminding them to pay the costs before the deadline.

Fees management are crucial school and other educational institution activities. Havteq makes it simple and quick to manage the operation of fee collecting and receipt creation. It also automates the entry of fee receipts into school accounts, removing the need for repeated data entry.

Fees management system software

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What Is The Purpose Of The Fees Management System?

Fees Management System

Educational Institutes have been manually and physically collecting money fees for a long time, causing parents to queue in front of the school office. For both parents and pupils, as well as the school administration, this procedure was often exhausting. This has gotten worse as a result of the current scenario, since parents are unwilling to stand in long lines and are presently working from home.
The Educational Institutes fees management system enables you to collect and manage fees online in complete safety and security. Also it allows parents to pay school fees online without any fuss thanks to the Payment Gateway connection. They can pay with UPI, net banking, credit/debit card, and other online payment options.

The Educational Institutes administration can use the fees management software to keep track of all school fees received and due. They are not required to manage the transaction manually. They can also collect fees online via Payment Integration, eliminating the need to go to the bank to deposit money received from parents. Fees management software in Educational Institutes has numerous advantages for both the educational Institutes administration and the students and parents. These advantages are what make Educational Institutes management software and its fees management feature so appealing to educational Institutes ERP users.

Why You Need Fees Management Software ?

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Fees management system

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Dashboard Analytics

Provide an overview of the Key Performance Indicators with a comparison to previous months.

Admission Manager

Ingenious in every way, the student admission manager aids your students in the admissions process, from inquiries to acceptances. Re-continue, On leave management.

Fees Manager

Automated fee management system to alleviate the painstaking effort of manually processing fees. Not a single rupee will never be lost again.

Email/SMS Notification

Automated and one click urgent messages to students, parents, and staff for various important fee and other updates like Upcoming dues, Overdue.

Simple yet flexible and powerful Fees Management System

  • Two factor authentication using OTP
  • Super Secure from hackers using SSL and multi-layer security
  • Role Based Access for Franchisee and Staff members
  • Use it anytime, anywhere as it is online software
  • Multi Franchise system is also available
  • Separate login for franchisee admin and staff members
  • Alert system for pending fees and others
  • Dynamic reports and dashboard for real time status
  • Daily auto backups of students and fees records
  • Instant support through call, email and WhatsApp
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Havteq - Best Fees Management System

Fees Management Software is an automated module that calculates fees, past fee payment information, deductions, and discounts for the selected student. In addition to the foregoing, the user has the option of applying for a payment/fee period that lasts longer than one month.

Our fees management system makes it simple to keep track of the user-defined fee structure and range. The possibility to generate bills automatically improves the system's reliability. With a few clicks, the system can accept the receipt of the fees. With a single click, a user can validate the collection at any moment.
Educational institutions and coaching/training facilities rely heavily on fees management system.

Features Coming Soon…

Fees Management System

Havteq fees management system provide you the best fee solution. It makes simple to keep track of fee structure and range.

  • Promotion Management System to send automated Weekly, Monthly, Festival promotional offers to students through WhatsApp, SMS, and Email. Automated Google and Facebook reviews management to improve reputation
  • Student Performance Tracking System for evaluating the performance during the session
  • Attendance Management to track and manage attendance of students and teachers
  • Mobile Apps for admin and franchisee to track fees and other data in real time

fees management system

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