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What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are fundamentally computer software or livechat solution that can lead a discussion with people. Today, Most chatbots aren’t make an effort to act like a genuine person. Rather they are utilized to automate everyday job on platform for example: SMS messaging, local site chatbot, facebook messenger etc.

For example, havteq chatbot can enable peoples to find solutions to their much of the time posed inquiries, schedule an appointment, pursue an online classes, webinar etc. A computer program that uses voice instructions, text dialogues, or both to simulate human conversation. A chatbot, or chatterbot, is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that may be incorporated and used in any major messaging service. "Talkbot," "bot," "IM bot," "interactive agent," and "artificial conversation entity" are some of the synonyms for chatbot.

Chatbots, also known as chatterbots, are artificial intelligence (AI) systems that are utilised in messaging apps. Clients benefit from this product because it is an automated programme that interacts with clients like a human would and costs little to nothing to use.
Chatbots deployed by businesses via Facebook Messenger, as well as virtual assistants like Amazon's Alexa, are good examples. Chatbots usually work in one of two ways: by machine learning or by following predetermined rules.

Understanding Chatbot

With the advancement of technology, more businesses are switching from traditional marketing to digital media to transact with customers. Businesses are integrating AI approaches on their digital platforms to provide convenience through technology. Chatbots are one AI method that is gaining in popularity and use. Virtual assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as messaging apps like WeChat and Facebook Messenger, are examples of chatbot technology.

A chatbot is an automatic programme that communicates with clients in the same way that a human would, yet it costs very little to use. Chatbots are available to assist consumers at all hours of the day and week, and are not restricted by time or location. This makes it desirable to many organisations that may lack the manpower or financial means to maintain employees working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

livechat solutions,chatbot for websites, chatbot platform, bots, chatbot

Livechat solutions - Everything You Need to Know About Chatbots

Livechat Solution

A Chatbot is computer software that is designed in artificial intelligence (AI). It can lead a discussion with customer in natural language through mobile apps, websites, messaging application.

For what reason are chatbot important? A chatbot is regularly described as one of the most uncommon communication between people and machines. As indicated by specialized viewpoint, a chatbot just addresses the basic improvement of a question answering structure using natural language processing(NLP).

Almost every businesses are picking AI chatbot as a part of their client service team. There are few purposes behind that. Chatbots can answer clients’ request quickly, inexpensively in real-time. Another purpose of use of such chatbots are once you have a good live chat app, it takes two or three minutes to incorporate a chatbot with it

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Why chatbots are important?

Chatbot services give livechat solution. Chatbot application is smooth out connections among services and persons to improving client experience. Concurrently, chatbot application reduce the cost of customer service which offer the companies new chances to improve the customer relationship process and operational productivity.

Chatbots are very easy method to manage client queries with quick replies and improve client experience. Chatbots can talk with users and answer repeating questions, which can save time and money for businesses aiming to enhance sales or service productivity. Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots can interact with users and answer recurring questions.
The contrasts between a chatbot, talking agent, and virtual assistant are depicted in this diagram. Many experts predict that chat-based communication methods will become more popular as customers shift away from traditional modes of communication. Chatbot-based virtual assistants are increasingly being used by businesses to undertake simple tasks, freeing up human agents to focus on more important work.

There's no doubting that computerised chatbots have gotten a lot of attention in recent years. Whether you think of chatbots as a fleeting fad or think they'll change the way people interact and communicate, the influence they're having on online interactions is real...and measurable.

What are Chatbots used for?

Chatbots are utilized for advertising, customer service, schedule an appointment, answering queries, identifying a client’s needs, giving individuals with store directions, posing qualifying inquiries, giving coupons, directing overviews, indicating store hours etc.

The inquiry, what are chatbots are utilized for, is really sort of difficult to answer on the grounds that chatbot innovation is so immense. to know how chatbots are utilized for, look at Facebook messenger chatbots. Every one of them is completely practical. So you can mess with the chatbot and figure out its usefulness.

Obviously, havteq chatbots work in Facebook messenger, just as for clients who aren’t signed into Facebook messenger through local web chat. Check out more services like website desinging and many more.

Chatbots can help users discover the knowledge they need by replying to their queries and requests via text, audio, or both, all without the need for human intervention. Chatbot technology is nearly ubiquitous these days, from smart speakers at home to office chat apps. "Virtual assistants" or "virtual agents" are terms used to describe the latest AI chatbots. They can communicate with you via vocal input, such as Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, or via SMS text messaging. In either case, you can ask the chatbot conversational questions about what you need, and the chatbot can help you refine your search with responses and follow-up inquiries.

Types of Livechat Solutions

There are three types of Chatbot which is very important to understand the nature of chatbot conversations.
livechat solutions,chatbot for websites, chatbot platform, bots, chatbot


These are Chatbot whose behaviour is determined by rules.

livechat solutions,chatbot for websites, chatbot platform, bots, chatbot


Intelligent chatbots are Chatbot that are built with artificial intelligence techniques.

livechat solutions,chatbot for websites, chatbot platform, bots, chatbot


As mentioned, both scripted and intelligent Chatbot can have graphical user interfaces.

How do chatbots function?

Chatbots can be stateless or stateful, with differing levels of complexity. Each discussion is approached by stateless chatbots as if it were with a new user. Stateful chatbots, on the other hand, may evaluate previous encounters and contextualise new responses.
Low or no coding is required to integrate a chatbot into a service or sales department. Developers can create conversation user interfaces for third-party enterprise applications with the help of many chatbot service providers.
Choosing the correct natural language processing (NLP) engine is an important part of chatbot installation. If the user communicates with the chatbot through voice, for example, a speech recognition engine is required.
Business owners must also choose between structured and unstructured conversations. Chatbots designed for organised dialogues are often scripted, making programming easier but limiting what users may ask. Chatbots are widely written in B2B contexts to answer to frequently asked questions or conduct simple, repetitive activities. Chatbots, for example, can help sales reps swiftly obtain phone numbers.

Benefits and Advantages of Chatbots

  • People have a breaking point to the numbers of customers they can deal with at a moment. But with chatbots, there is no such imperative and they can deal with the number of questions as required on that time.
  • With the Chatbot solution, the necessity of staff during online communication is reduced as well as cost is reduced. It is a big advantage of chatbot for companies that they receiving multiple questions of client at once.
  • Every minute of every day accessibility unlike people, one time chatbot installation attend multiple queries at any time. So the client doesn’t need to wait for the company staff to help them.
  • Multiple staff people handling the limit to the number of customer they can deal with at once. But with chatbots , there is no such imperative and they can deal with the different number of clients at once. This is the main advantage of utilizing chatbots as no client remains unattended by an organization.
  • Another main advantage of chatbots for customer service is that all discussions are stored in simple to manage advanced logs. This permits you to reply and handle all the messages thereafter if necessary
  • The main benefits given by chatbots form the perspective of client support is automation. You can manage all the conversations with clients in very effective manner.
  • Most of the customers now use chatbot system for booking or buy an item. Because chatbot can booking appointments and orders automatically so that client can instantly book an appointment or order through Facebook or website.
  • Through chatbots your client receive quick response that they always want. Client don’t want to wait for support or help in any way, because it can prompt dissatisfaction.
  • With 24*7 help of chatbots you cannot depend on help operators for nonstop client support. When the office staff is not available it gives anytime answers of the client queries that is very important. It can manage all the clients query with computerized responses.

How are chatbots used by businesses?

Chatbots have been around for a long time in instant messenger apps and online interactive games, but they have only recently made their way into B2C and B2B sales and services. Chatbots can be used in the following ways by businesses: Shopping on the internet. Sales teams can utilise chatbots in these situations to answer basic product queries or provide useful information that customers can look up later, such as shipping costs and availability.

Customer service is really important. Chatbots can also be used by service departments to assist service agents with repetitive queries. For example, a customer support representative might offer the chatbot an order number and inquire about the status of the order. When a conversation becomes too complicated, a chatbot will usually transfer the phonecall to a human support person.
Virtual assistants are a type of virtual helper. Virtual assistants can also be created using chatbots. Virtual assistants are available from Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Personal chatbots can be found in apps like Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana, as well as products like Amazon's Echo with Alexa or Google Home.

What makes our Custom Bots for websites different

Livechat solutions, chatbot for websites


Pick a livecat solution plan below which is right for your website needs



  • Sessions - 500 /Month *
  • 2 Team Members


  • Sessions - 1000 /Month *
  • 4 Team Members


  • Sessions - 2000 /Month *
  • 8 Team Members
* 1 Session = 1 Customer Chatted in 24 hour
livechat solutions,chatbot for websites, chatbot platform, bots, chatbot

Conversational Maturity

Not only understand and interacting conversation, a best Livechat solution has explicit natural language processing (NLP) capacities to understand the text of a talk in multiple languages. The best thing is in chatbot, it has advanced conversational capacities to find out data and can also ask explaining inquiries. even if the conversation isn’t direct.

Quickly answers 24/7

Chatbots don't have to rest. They can quickly handle gives regardless of if it's 4 am or 9 pm. This is critical for organizations focusing on twenty to thirty year olds (who can be anxious). This permits you to improve client assistance and the client experience. Simulated intelligence chatbots make less mistakes while noting client requests than human operators do.

livechat solutions,chatbot for websites, chatbot platform, bots, chatbot
livechat solutions,chatbot for websites, chatbot platform, bots, chatbot

Automation Reasoning

The Livechat solution complex deduction without human intervention. For example, un uncommon service chatbot should have the choice to deduce plans subject to case stories. The chatbot is pre-arranged to understand brand-express terms and information. Amazingly better, it’s pre-intended to decide ordinary customer requesting of a particular industry.


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livechat solutions,chatbot for websites, chatbot platform, bots, chatbot

The way that discussions are so natural to people, allows the talk interface to go past what has been done in the past with the standard UI. Maybe to a spot that fabricates enduring connections, and possibly in particular, a feeling of trust between the human and the innovation.

M. Taylor livechat solutions,chatbot for websites, chatbot platform, bots, chatbot
livechat solutions,chatbot for websites, chatbot platform, bots, chatbot

Versatility - havteq chatbos helps me answer peculiar questions I have regarding various company products and services. I also like the fact that I can use it anywhere, in my house or car, it really does help me automate my life and make everything so easy.

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Conversational e-commerce Chatbot

There is one major issue with each online store – it's static. It resembles a physical store without any salespersons in it. Web based business chatbots help to set it live and get more deals and more joyful clients.