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Visitor Management Software Process Work Flow

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Other Integration

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Server Integration

web based visitor management system, Visitor Management Software vms

Biometric Integration

visitor management system in India, vms

Bar Code / QR Integration

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Multiple Administrator Login Panel

web based visitor management system

RFID Reader Integration

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Kiosk System

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Tablet Based System

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Customized Visitor Management System Software

Key Features of VMS

best visitor management system in india


Havteq best visitor management system in india the host can generally make a pre-appointment of their guest by giving the arrival details of their guest and tell gathering and security authorities about their visitors and it spares the host's and guest's time as well. Many well known companies used our visitor management systems. It is just like electronic visitor management system.

best visitor management system in india, vms

VIsitor information like Visitor Check-In & Check-Out through OTP

In our electronic visitor management system, visitor conformation is done through OTP. In this way, the particulars of the visitors are correct and can't be messed with. Host notification instantly come.

 best visitor management system in india

Allow / Deny

At the point when a visitor reaches, in havteq Visitor Management System have gives them a gathering affirmation through the "Permit/Deny" highlight and after that guest pass will be produced. So this is the best option in any visitor management software

visitor management system in India, vms

Overstay alert

If visitor remains more then duration of the time or didn't registration from the premises, then a programmed show warning gets conveyed to the host and security individual through SMS/Email in havteq visitor management system.

 visitor management system in India, vms

Blacklist Visitors

In Havteq VMS you can also blacklist the visitor if there is a need. And if again the same blacklist visitor tries to visit in your premises then their particulars will be flashed on the screen after enter blacklisted customer particulars. It also include visitor tracking option.

 Visitor Management Software

Capture ID details

Alongside the OTP confirmation, Havteq Visitor Management System catches ID particulars of the considerable number of guests or by id scan who goes to your premises for security reasons and afterward stores it in the database so that it can be effortlessly recovered at whatever point required. Large number of people use this option in their organizations.

visitor management system in India, vms

Visitor check-in reminder notification

On the off chance that the host doesn't immediately permit or deny it's visitor appearance affirmation, at that point they will be sent an update again or sent instant notifications in regards to the equivalent in havteq Visitor Management System.

visitor management system in India, vms

Re-visit for visitors

On the off chance that a visitor is visiting the premises once more, their particulars will be flashed promptly when the name is entered.

visitor management system, visitor management system features

By-Pass Provision

If a senior authority guest has come, their pass will be created rapidly and they won't require the authorization of the host to enter. On the off chance that the host with whom the meeting was fixed is away, at that point the guest will be appointed to some other employee of the association for the host's sake.

Visitor Management Software, best visitor management system in india

Custom Reports

Our goal is to give our customers a completely included security framework that is adjustable and cost-effective as indicated by our customer's needs. We have consistently accepted that our development is directly identified with our customer's growth.

web based visitor management system, Visitor Management Software vms

Visitor Reports & Analytics

Reports can be rapidly and consequently create every day, week after week or month to month appearance reports utilizing custom information focuses. If there should be an occurrence of crisis, its easy to follow specific visitors, guests registration and registration timings, guest's arrival and it additionally records motivation behind visit from any place, whenever. It make best visitor experience.

visitor management system, visitor management system in India, vms

Visitor Badges

Havteq visitor management system, prints custom guest identifications, badge printing that causes the host to handily recognize visitors just as their qualifications, freedom levels and store the data for future references.

Best Visitor Management System In India

The term "visitor management" is commonly used to describe the process of managing people and data related to their visits to a physical location. Monitoring visitors can get hectic. Best Visitor management system can assist you with following who has looked at in and when they checked out. From any web browser you can look, sort and channel to get precisely the visitor logbook data you need, at that point download it because it is totaly cloud-based software. With havteq cloud based browser vms update your reception area. It is the best visitor management solution. Guest rapidly register to meet with a representative, make a conveyance, to attend an occasion or nearly whatever else you may require. When it comes to running a business, no one would want to be taken by surprise by sudden visitors. That is why visitor management software exists. These programs are built to help companies better control the flow of visitors into the premises through regular check-ins or using other methods like RFID tags or card readers. It convert normal workplaces in to modern workplaces.
The best Visitor management system privately customized list of blocked and possibly threatening individuals and keep up an accessible log of all visitors. With Havteq VMS makes your reception operations independent. We are leading in provide best visitor management system in india. Havteq is the best visitor management software provider in chandigarh. Our Expert team give visitor management solution to our clients. Havteq - the best visitor management software today can handle all visitor data like visitor information, visitor arrival, registration, check-in, visitor tracking, supervision and reporting..
Havteq - Visitor management system provides a complete system for monitoring visitors, equipment, and goods that is suitable for small, medium, and big businesses with a single or multiple access point.

Advantages of Best Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software (VMS) has several advantages for any business owner who wants to increase their online presence. A visitor management system provides these benefits:

  • An organization can keep track of everyone in its facilities by using one central database.
  • Self check-ins allow visitors to save the company the cost of having employees perform manual checks at each location.
  • Background checks help ensure security at the facility and retain information so staff don't need to reenter it each time they come into work.
  • It provides an overview of who enters the building on both a daily basis and for special events and meetings.

The main objective of any VMS is to correctly process and track all visitors. VMS increment in productivity by smoothing out the visitor registration process with innovation. A smoothed out procedure guarantees that all security prerequisites are followed as every visitor is guided through registration. Visitor management software is the best way to maintain visitor data. It has Many benefits for both the facility and the visitors. Visitors can be automatically visitors check-in process and visitor tracking. Each visitor can be given their own ID card which is scanned at each entry to track their movements within the facility. Havteq is the best and leading company in providing best visitor management system in india. A number of features are offered by advantageousvisitor management software packages to help hotels ensure that they are providing a dominant experience for each guest. It is just like visitor management application. Below listed the key features and advantages of best visitor management software.

Best Visitor Management System In India

best visitor management system in india

  • A Visitor Management system offers an expert initial introduction to visitors of different sorts.
  • Keeping guest records with a Visitor Management system assists with consistence and protection issues. Visitor registration is required.
  • A quality VMS fills in as a visual impediment, forestalling issues before they get an opportunity to occur.
  • It will likewise expand the profitability of your reception procedure and update your reception.
  • A Visitor Management system gives you the open door venture your organization marking in your reception such that a guest book never advertised.
  • A Visitor Management system allow you to confirm present representatives and visitor or visitor arrival in your building or corporate offices.
  • Havteq provide the best visitor management system in india. It include best facilities like visitors check-in process, visitor tracking etc. it is accomplished enterprise visitor management. We also provide best web designing in chandigarh. Contact us to know more

Value Additions

Visitor management System include

visitor management system in India
  • Visitor's Photographic Record
  • Visitor Restricted Access
  • Visitor Passes Customization
  • Management and Appointment Scheduling
  • Entry and Exit tracking of Visitor
  • Visitor Information Access whenever need
  • Visitors Access Details Report
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    Increase your efficiency With havteq - VMS

    Havteq VMS helps track visitors and manage them for you. It gives you greater control over who visits your site. It also improves the efficiency of check-ins/checkouts by allowing visitors to enter their details at one place instead of having to go through multiple steps. You can verify visitors quickly and easily Verified Site Report.

    Easy to Use and Friendly

    The visitor management system's main goal is to make it simple for visitors to comprehend and use at the front desk, and it cheerfully extends this concept to all other interface functions. You'll have no trouble setting up the Havteq visitor management system just how you want it - it'll be smiling and ready to go on its first day at work in minutes!

    A cost effective solution

    Havteq - Visitor management system makes it easy for companies to manage their data without having to spend time maintaining databases. Visitors Management Solutions (VMS) are designed to be used by webmasters for various reasons. They're usually built to help maintain things well and efficiently. A visitor management system can be useful for various types of services. Every business has adopted visitor management systems (VMS) and adapted them for different industries like Hotel Management, Manufacture, Learning, Financing, Others too!
    With our unmatched visitor management software, we help you to improve your business by providing an easy way for visitors to book appointments online through one single platform. We offer a wide range of services including appointment booking, event registration, SMS reminders, email notifications etc. Our technology allows you to create customized messages using per-defined templates which makes communication between your staff members easier. You can even send out automated emails from within the app itself!
    It’s important to choose the right visitor management software for your business. Our mission is to help you decide which reception management software works best for your business needs by providing an audit-able list of software products from both free and open source options as well as paid for solutions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • A visitor management system is a software that allows you to manage your reception. It automate the visitors management in your premises. It accomplished process of visitor’s check in and check out and secure all the visitors data. Simply say it is a software that has advanced feature in which you can in real-time track your visitors. We are leading in best visitor management system in india

    • A visitor management system accomplished process of visitor registration and check in and check out. It register a new visitor and allow entry to again coming visitor in just a few seconds. Visitors record and particulars securely stored in visitor management system for use whenever you may require. best visitor management system in india

    • Security of the visitor data is critical. Like a visitor driving license to be scanned to register and their personalized particulars is now in your company’s hands. VMS system stored this information in local drive or remotely to the server but that particulars should be encrypted with secured password protected systems. The data you collect from your visitors now your company is responsible for that.

    • As you know, VMS manage all the visitor management operations, it reduce most of the work of staff and enhance the efficiency of organizations. The staff and security team can give their whole time to their core work. Your organization giving their visitor the best experience at all the point and it will improve their brand image.

    • Yes. When any visitor come in, they are provided with a unique badge that classifies as a guest. If not then its likely that threats coming on site without even detected. It is even against to allow visitors to stroll in your premises without having identifiable badge.

    • Yes. Visitors reports relating to site entries and exits for security terms are often required and generated in vms. These reports can be generated and exported in very easy way within a matter of minutes. It saving staff time and reduce the burdens and allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks.

    • In Visitor Management system - VMS, it allow to trace visitors in real time through access control transactions, a badge scan that occur at doors and gateways requiring. Latest technology can be also include into visitor badges for track visitors in real time. Havteq - best visitor management system in india

    • A visitor management system keeps track of every person who enters an office or building regardless if they're a customer, employee, consultant, etc. It captures user information and stores it in a database for later use.
      You can deploy them on any computer, tablet, or even some self-service kiosks. Sign-in pens and paper forms are replaced by visitor management software which has the major advantages that all data is stored electronically so that it’s easily retrievable if needed. These devices are also able to print out name badges and scan guest ID cards.

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