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Foil Control Management Software

FMCS is a Foil Control Management Software for Indian Pharma Foil Printing Businesses made by Havteq to help them stay organized with invoicing, inventory, accounting needs, and much more! The goal is to make a businessman’s daily routine less tiring, and let them concentrate more on growing their business instead of dealing with paperwork. Foil Control Management Software is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency. It helps to keep track of all the different tasks and activities within the organization, and can provide managers with valuable insights into how the organization is performing.

It also record employees personal information. It is just inspection system and has wide range of tools for passive stability. Even today, 70% of India’s Pharma Foil Printing Companies print bills on paper. As a result, they spend the majority of their working time on manual entries and calculations. Because there is no place to fall back when tiny things go wrong, the entire business suffers. Lack of resources can exhaust a business owner, diverting their attention away from the most important tasks. Havteq is attempting to implement a more user-friendly solution, therefore FCMS! It is smoothly work in harsh environments. It is perfectly work on mobile devices also. It’s a multi-user software and you will assign user wise rights to every user. There are many features of this control system which are as follows. Contact with us for best Foil Control Management software.

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Create Purchase Order / Job Cards –

Foil Control management software

You may enter purchase order with all the information that you get from the customer. It is very easy to track whenever you need the desired information of all the purchase order. FCMS Software covers all-most requirements which are required to fulfill at the time of creating Job card. Schedule demo to check Foil Control management software.

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Work in Process (WIP) –

Its tracks the WIP job cards details. Its helps to track the today work in process for higher management. Any customer wants any kind of information about their product, Its very much easy to tell the latest information on your desktop.Click here for demo this Foil Control Management Software.

Packing List and Stickers –

When the Job card is finished we create a very user-friendly screen for making Packing List. Just pick the information by dropdown and fill the weight and enter the number of rolls. packing list and sticker would be done with in second and you can print any time with Foil Control Management Software.

Foil Control Management Software, Foil Control Management System
Foil Control Management Software, Foil Control Management System

Billing / Invoicing –

In the billing section of Foil Control Management Software, it automatically pick only those job cards against which packing list have been generated. FMCS gives you more easy solution at the time of billing. Again just pick the job cards with easy dropdown method and apply other charges like Freight or Cylinder Charges etc. In Foil Control Management Software you can also send the invoice via email to the customer.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)-

To create COA manually is very lengthy task. We made a beautiful solution for COA, Create the COA Master and when the time of creating COA only pick the Job Card. It will pick all the information either the desired job card having invoice or not. Fill the result value with a very user-friendly screen and print the COA. Click here to get demo of Foil Control Management Software.

Foil Control Management Software

Easily track inventory-

Foil Control Management Software

No one wants to lose customers because there isn’t enough instant information about their inventory, and no one wants to stockpile needless inventory. Fortunately, you can keep track of your inventory with our Foil Control Management Software. You can plan your next purchase of things by analysing sales records just when they are to be need.

Foil Control Management Software is a comprehensive and innovative solution for controlling and managing foil production operations. It provides users with an intuitive platform for monitoring and managing their foil production operations efficiently, without any of the complexity that comes with manual processes. This software not only helps in streamlining the foil production process but also provides complete visibility on production costs, enabling users to optimize their production operations and reduce waste. Additionally, it provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities that can help managers to make informed decisions to improve production efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Foil Control Management Software is the ideal choice for control and optimization of foil production operations.

Real-time Report –

Foil Control Management Software

FMCS reporting section gives you all type of reports that you manage manually.

  • Customer wise job card history (This reports give you complete details from Purchase Order enter to COA)
  • Product wise Production details (This report give you complete details of Production with its Finished quantity and wastage.)
  • Sale Register (This report gives the information of customer wise total sale within the date range.)
  • GST Report – HSN (Its gives the HSN wise details.)
  • Pending PO Details (This report gives the pending purchase order details which would be help into our production planning and discuss the points of lacking)
  • Pending Job Card Details (This report information about the pending job card which are still pending for packing.)

Foil Control Management Software
Foil Control Management Software

Benefits of Foil Control Management Software

  • Track every purchase order in your inventory effortlessly.
  • Instantly know the accurate status of your purchase order, job cards, packing list, Billing and COA.
  • Increases business efficiency and productivity.
  • Ability to make profitable decisions while investing on inventory.
  • Saves cost, time and effort.
  • Get Insightful data on your inventory.
  • Click here to get demo of Foil Control Management Software.

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