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Enterprise resource planning(ERP)

Enterprise resource planning is a system of incorporated programming applications that normalizes, smoothes out and co-ordinates business procedures across funds, HR, dispersion, procurement, and different offices.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process utilized by organizations to oversee and incorporate the important parts of their organizations. ERP is the incorporated management of primary business procedures, regularly continuously an facilitated by technology and software. ERP Software is normally mentioned to as a business management software commonly a collection of coordinated applications that an organization can use to manage, store, collect and interpret information from different business activities.

Now Online ERP software has been adopted by large organizations because of the unpredictability and Features that are available in it. But for the Small and medium-sized organizations, online ERP software software also proved very useful.

An ERP software doesn’t generally remove shortcomings with in the business. The organization need to reconsider the manner in which it’s sorted out or more than likely it will end up with incompatible technology.

ERP software normally neglect to accomplish the goals that affected their establishment due to an organization’s hesitance to forsake old working procedures that are contradictory with the product. A few organizations are additionally hesitant to let go of old software that functioned admirably before. The key is to stop ERP ventures from being part into numerous small projects, which can bring about cost overruns.

How do Online ERP software work?

ERP software is made up of various enterprise resource planning applications that share information and database with each other. It contains all the business functions like accounting, production, sales and more. It helps your business processes between every department. Online erp software improver how your handle business assets, whether it’s staffing hours or manufacturing raw materials.

Every erp module ordinarily centers around one business area. You can consolidate various modules to according your needs. Accounts, HR, finance, sales are well known beginning stages. There are additionally modules explicit to enterprises, manufacturing to retail.

Top Enterprise Resource Planning Use Cases: How ERP Can Help Your Business

Integrated to HR Errands

Enterprise Resource planning
  • Manual Attendance
  • Automatic Attendance
  • Semi-Auto Attendance
  • Multiple Shift
  • Flexible Shift
  • Customized leave policies
  • Leave carry forward, Leave approval
  • Short Leave assignment
  • Classify Holiday

Database | Employee Engagement

Enterprise Resource planning
  • Employee personal/official information/Sleep Mode
  • E-documents
  • Salary details
  • Facilities
  • Roles & Access authorization
  • Apply Leave & Short Leave
  • Apply official duty
  • Apply Expense Claims
  • Check/Verify Salary
  • Create Task
  • Engage Team Members
  • Track the task until completion

Salary | Overtime | Bonus | Incentive

erp software
  • Monthly Salary
  • Advance Salary
  • Salary Approval
  • Bonus Accumulation
  • Pay slip Generation
  • Overtime Rules/Criteria
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Overtime Approval
  • Incentive against attendance
  • Diverse incentive rules/criteria

Features of Online ERP software

The scale, degree, and usefulness of ERP Software differ broadly. Notwithstanding, most online ERP software the following qualities:

  • Very useful in real-time operation.
  • With the help of ERP all the business procedures are incorporated end to end across business units and departments.
  • Very useful in real-time operation.
  • In online erp software a common database enables information of every department. To improve the performance of erp system, it split the physical database sometime
  • Online erp software users realized that this software with a reliable user interface decreases training costs and seems more professional.
  • With ERP software it optimize all business processes.
  • Information is accurate and timely access.
  • It has the ability to share information among all the departments of business.
  • It eliminate the needless data and operation.
  • ERP software can saves time and decreases training costs.
  • In terms of client service, the reply time is decreased consideration to them.

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Understanding Enterprise Resource Planning

With enterprise resource planning system every department in an organization has its system, and with one interface with one application all the system can be retrieves. Without an enterprise resource planning system, every department of an organization would have its own system that is optimized for it particular tasks.

ERP software likewise permit the various departments of a company and connect with the rest of departments of the organization through collected data. It share the collected information about activity and other work of different departments where it can be utilized gainfully.

ERP software can give the better services by connect the all data about the creation, money, dispersion, and HR together. Since it interfaces various advances utilized by each part of a business, an ERP software can remove costly duplicate technology. The procedures regularly incorporated order-monitoring systems. Stock control system, accounts payable, customer database into one framework.

Enterprise Resource Planning have developed from old style software models that utilize corporal client server to cloud-based software that offers web-based access, remotely access.

erp software

Havteq ERP Module-Production Planning

  • Sale order
  • Purchase order
  • Job order
  • Production activities
  • Material confirmation
  • Per piece rate
  • Production scheduling

Havteq ERP Module-Material Management

  • Tracking sales
  • Sales return
  • Tracking purchase
  • Material & Stock availability
  • Consumption
  • Transfers
  • Invoicing

Enterprise Resource planning
erp software

Havteq ERP Module-Financial Accounting

  • GST Ready
  • Multiple users
  • Statutory compliance
  • Ageing
  • Reminders
  • Asset management
  • Cash management
  • TDS

Benefits Of Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) Software

How ERP Can Help Your Business

Key business benefits of ERP software are:

  • improved reporting system of a business because it has so many real time information reporting tools. It has one combined database for all business procedures.
  • ERP Software has better tools to access customer information. It improved the on-time delivery and order accuracy.
  • It has improved the cost of inventory by carry as much as needed the inventory.
  • ERP software increased cash flow. It has better collections of tools that bring cash and invoicing faster.
  • It improved the planning of inventory, gives best customer service by giving quick response, and best procurement management.
  • ERP software has many tools that gives better security resources. These tools gives best data and cloud security features and restrict the installing malicious software.
  • ERP software can share a database for all department that can give everyone an easier method of work.

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